Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Action Française Oath

This is the oath taken by members of the League of Action Française.  It is attributed to Charles Maurras.

"As a Frenchman by birth and by spirit, being of sound mind and free will, I will fulfil all the duties of a conscientious patriot.

I pledge that I will fight against all republican constitutions.  In France, the Republic is the rule of foreigners.  The republican spirit undermines national defence and encourages religious influences directly hostile to traditional Catholicism.  France must have a constitution that is French.

The only future for us lies in Monarchy, as personified by my Lord the Duke of Orleans, the heir to the forty kings who built France over a thousand years.  Monarchy alone guarantees the public good and, as the foundation of order, prevents the public ills which are denounced by antisemitism and nationalism.  Monarchy is an organ necessary to every matter of national interest.  It promotes authority, liberty, prosperity and honour.

I join myself to the enterprise of the royalist restoration.

I pledge myself to serve the same by every means."