Tuesday 20 March 2012

The end of The Counter-Enlightenment

My Counter-Enlightenment project is now at an end, and this will be my final post. Thanks to everyone who has read the materials on this blog. I hope that it's been interesting and useful.

I can think of no better way to mark the end of The Counter-Enlightenment than with a video of the actual end of the Counter-Enlightenment - the state funeral of General Franco in 1975.

Review of Juan Donoso Cortés, "Essays on Catholicism, Liberalism and Socialism"

This little book is one of the foremost texts of the Catholic Counter-Enlightenment.  Published in 1851, it was written by Don Juan Donoso Cortés, Marqués of Valdegamas.  Donoso was a Spanish politician and a former liberal who wrote the Essays in response to the 1848 revolutions.

Norman Cohn on the Judaeo-Masonic conspiracy

A quotation from Warrant for Genocide.  Cohn is writing with particular reference to the work of Augustin Barruel.

Gaume on the French Revolution

A very famous quotation from Mgr Jean-Joseph Gaume.

The Führer principle

Some annotated extracts from the Nazi jurist Ernst Rudolf Huber's Verfassungsrecht des grossdeutschen Reiches (Constitutional Law of the Greater German Reich), published in 1939.

A traditional Catholic theologian on liberalism (Part 2)

Some more extracts from Louis Cardinal Billot's De Ecclesia:

The 1862 Concordat with Ecuador

This was the Concordat concluded by the pontifical administration of Pope Pius IX with the conservative Catholic government of President Garcia Moreno of Ecuador.  It is generally similar in content to the 1953 Concordat with Franco.