Friday, 22 April 2011

Charles Maurras on the "Four Confederate States"

From Maurras's Dictionnaire politique et critique:

The Republic is [the property of a certain number of] families....  These families are represented today by forty or fifty thousand Freemasons, one hundred thousand Jews, seven hundred thousand Protestants and some eight or nine hundred thousand aliens [métèques], who have imposed upon democracy - a passive and submissive animal - the aggressive spirit by which they are driven.

And this spirit is not at all French.

This explains everything.

....It is indeed the internal foreigners who control the country.  Foreigners grouped into families, exercising over us an hereditary power...  We are governed by dynasties of foreigners, but foreigners who are hidden, anonymous and unaccountable....

They control the legal structures of the nation.  They comprise them.  They provide the personnel for public offices.  They promote a dominating spirit, a language and a collection of directive principles which are quite closely linked....  It is an oligarchy, or rather a federation of oligarchies, which we have termed the four Confederate States [quatre États confédérés]: the Jew, the Protestant, the Freemason and the alien.